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An Update To Our Patients About COVID-19

This post contains the latest updates and news regarding the COVID-19 crisis and will be updated frequently. This page last updated 4/8/2021 Laser Eye Institute is open for all patients and appointments. We are committed to comply with all state…

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Tattoos Don’t Belong on your Eyeball and Other Obvious Things

Back in September, clickbait news sites shared photos of model Catt Gallinger, a body-modification enthusiast who chose to have her then-boyfriend give her a scleral tattoo. That’s right, she chose to have ink injected into the white part of her…

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Don’t Be Blinded By the Light On Solar Eclipse Day

On August 21, a good swath of the United States will get the rare chance to view a total solar eclipse. In Michigan, we’ll be outside the path of totality. Unfortunately, that means that we won’t be able to see…

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4 Ways to Prevent Fireworks Eye Injuries for the Fourth of July

Fourth of July means fireworks and fun, but it can also lead to a surprising amount of eye injuries. Ensure your summer parties stay painless with our top tips below. Celebrate Safely Be aware of falling debris and sparks at…

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