How Much Is LASIK?

What does LASIK cost?

This is one of the most frequent questions we are asked, and the answer may surprise you, but first let’s dispel the two common myths about the price of laser vision correction.

LASIK can be as cheap as $250

False – Many big-box LASIK centers flood the airwaves with commercials touting an unbelievably low price for LASIK that are simply untrue. These places bait you in with a low price and then slowly pile on add-ons and up-sells resulting in fee’s nowhere near their advertised price. In most cases if you read their small print the only people eligible for the unbelievably low price and people whose vision is close to perfect, they don’t typically even wear glasses or contacts.

LASIK is really expensive

False – Many patients are surprised to find out that over the span of around five years you begin to save money by having vision correction. The cost of not having LASIK and the annual vision exams, glasses, contact lenses and supplies really start to add up. When patient’s factor in our two-year no interest financing and the potential 24% savings by using your HSA / FSA, having your vision corrected is actually a terrific way to save money.

Welcome to transparent pricing

We believe in being honest and transparent with our pricing. We don’t offer any add-ons or up-sells like many discount centers. We offer fair transparent pricing that includes the best available vision correction treatment for your individual eyes at one affordable price.

Our model is simple; our pricing is determined by the type of vision correction as well as the amount of your correction. We bundle together all the care you need and back it with an unmatched two-years of follow up care.

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