... because LASIK isn't for everyone

We offer a full Optical department with a great selection of quality eyeglass frames and advanced lenses. We realize LASIK isn’t for everyone (in-fact we turn away around 15% of patients) and are able to instead offer them advanced lenses that may be able to improve on their vision without LASIK.

Additionally, our laser vision correction patients love the convenience of being able to bring their entire family to one center for all their LASIK, vision, glasses and contacts; all in one location.

Our optical center offers sunglasses, eyeglasses and contact lenses. We carry a wide array of frames for the budget conscious to the must-have designer lines. Our advanced diagnostic technology enables us to offer advanced lenses enabling you to look-and-see your best.

We accept all major vision insurance plans and can fit children over the age of 8. Eyeglass frames start at $75.00.

Laser Eye Institute Optical

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