LASIK Financing

We make LASIK affordable

Our financing plans mean you can stop throwing money away on contacts and get the great vision you deserve today. Our partnership with CareCredit the nation’s leading medical financing company enables us to offer competitive financing and high approval rates.


Isn’t LASIK expensive?

A common myth is that LASIK is expensive; the truth is that after adding up the costs of recurring eye exams, glasses, and contacts most patients actually save money with vision correction over the course of a few years.

Estimate Your LASIK Savings

What about financing?

Today, most patients finance their treatment allowing them to pay over time. We make the financing process easy. Apply online for instant approval or let your vision coordinator do it for you. Flexible plans from 12 to 60 months makes it easy to work vision correction into any monthly budget.


Payment plans for every budget

With plans as low as $75 per month you can enjoy better vision today for the price of a morning coffee, or, just under $3 per day. Best of all: you can pay $0 down; see-now pay-later.


Free as in Zero

Who doesn’t like free money? Take advantage of our 24-month financing plan and pay no interest or financing fees enabling you to get the great vision you deserve today.

Sample Financing Plans

24 Month Plan


  • 0% Interest
  • $500 Down Payment

36 Month Plan


  • 15.90% Interest
  • $500 Down Payment

48 Month Plan


  • 16.90% Interest
  • $500 Down Payment

60 Month Plan


  • 17.9% Interest
  • $500 Down Payment

Transparent pricing

We pride ourselves in being transparent about pricing. Due to the amount of different vision correction procedures, we offer it is impossible to give a realistic price without determining the best procedure and laser platform for your individual eyes, a key reason we offer complimentary consultations.

After your consultation you will receive a detailed treatment plan including exact pricing. With our honest all-inclusive pricing we never offer add-ons or up-sells and believe you should never have to compromise quality when it comes to your vision. We back this with two years of unlimited follow up care and our promise: patients come first.

The truth about $250 LASIK

Integrity is paramount to everything we do. Pricing is no exception. Many LASIK centers will bait patients with a low teaser price of $299. They use this tactic to lure unsuspecting patients in, only to explain that they don’t qualify for this rate. In fact, this low rate only applies to patients who may not even need LASIK. In the end, these centers charge typically as much or more then reputable doctors.

We believe this practice is deceitful and question the integrity of this marketing tactic: can you really care about patients while deceiving them at the same time?

From Our Blog: The Truth About Cheap LASIK

Apply online for LASIK financing through CareCredit

Apply online for instant approval and take advantage of our no-interest financing for 24 months.

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