Laser Eye Institute Moves to the Top of SMILE Practices in the U.S.

Dr. Dan Haddad of the Laser Eye Institute in Troy, MI, has reached the esteemed status as the #1 Single-Surgeon SMILE LASIK Practice in the United States.

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LASIK Insurance Coverage for Quicken Loans Employees

Quicken Loans’ health insurance coverage for LASIK varies by plan and benefits. This guide shows how to check if your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan plan through Quicken covers LASIK, including procedure codes. It offers tips on costs, deductibles, and financing options.

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SMILE/LASIK and Age: Is There an Ideal Age for Laser Eye Surgery?

LASIK and SMILE offer vision freedom, but age greatly affects ideal timing due to age ranges. Younger patients’ eyes are still developing, while older individuals may face age-related eye issues impacting candidacy and outcomes. See the LEI take on the relationship between age and vision correction.

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Insurance Coverage

LASIK Coverage for Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

If you’re living with glasses or contact lenses (or both) for vision correction, you may be wondering, does my Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance cover LASIK? While we wish there were a simple answer to that question, there isn’t. …

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Expectations vs. Reality: Debunking SMILE/LASIK Myths

Uncover the realities of SMILE and LASIK eye surgeries with this succinct guide that dispels myths and emphasizes their safety, efficiency, and affordability. Shed your doubts about eye surgery, and see how these procedures can boost your vision!

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Why Patients Prefer SMILE over LASIK

Find out why SMILE is chosen over LASIK for eye correction, focusing on its advantages such as reduced dry eye incidence, minimal discomfort, and quicker healing

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Correcting Myopia: Is SMILE a Better Choice?

Learn the differences between SMILE and LASIK for treating myopia. We cover the advantages of these options and help you determine the most suitable choice for your vision correction needs!

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FDA Warns Against Using Popular OTC Eye Drops

The FDA issued warnings on 27 OTC eye drops due to infection risks, with a recall of products from stores like CVS and Walmart.

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LASIK Safety

Is LASIK Safe in 2023?

One of the first questions people ask when considering LASIK surgery is “Is LASIK safe?” We address all of your questions and more!

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Can You Get LASIK for Astigmatism? (and Does it Fix it?)

Explore the potential and limitations of LASIK in correcting astigmatism, a common vision issue.

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