LASIK Coverage For United Health Care

Members insured by United Health Care may have LASIK coverage through either their UHC medical plan, or through their associated vision insurance. The type of coverage and amount will vary depending on your employers’ contract with United Health Care. We…

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Davis Vision LASIK

LASIK Coverage For Davis Vision

Davis Vision members are eligible for specific discounts on all Laser Vision Correction procedures. Davis Vision provides vision insurance benefits to members and as part of this provides discounted treatment options for LASIK. To qualify for these preferred rates present…

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LASIK Coverage For Cigna Insurance

If you are insured by Cigna you may have coverage for LASIK through Cigna, but more typically coverage will be provided through your associated vision plan, such as EyeMed, VSP, or another vision provider. This coverage will vary depending on…

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LASIK Coverage For Aetna Insurance

If you are insured by Aetna you may have coverage for LASIK through Aetna, but more typically coverage will be provided through your associated vision plan. This coverage will vary depending on your employers contract with Aetna, there are three…

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Blue Cross Blue Shield LASIK

LASIK Coverage for Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

Members with Blue Cross Blue Shield may have all or part of their LASIK procedure covered, depending on their plan and their employers contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Coverage for laser vision correction can be under a members medical…

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Eyemed LASIK

LASIK Coverage For EyeMed Insurance

Laser Eye Institute offers preferred LASIK benefits to EyeMed vision insurance members. If you have EyeMed vision insurance you are eligible to receive preferred rates across all laser vision correction treatments at Laser Eye Institute. Simply present your EyeMed member…

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LASIK Coverage For VSP Insurance

If you have VSP as your vision insurance you will be happy to know that Laser Eye Institute participates with all of VSP’s plans that cover all or part of your LASIK procedure. VSP offers numerous coverage options for LASIK…

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Bee Afraid

Bee Afraid: He Can’t See Without His Glasses!

Have you ever noticed that when you are “Netflix and chill”, TV and movie characters that wear glasses aren’t just mildly vision impaired, but in fact, practically blind people who can’t see without their glasses? From Velma in Scooby Doo…

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Know What To Ask!

4 Questions You Should Ask Before Your LASIK Consultation

Depending on the level of screening and time a LASIK center team spend with you, it is common for LASIK consultations to last from 1-2 hours. If you are going to give up two hours of your day (not including…

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