Patient Education

Monovision LASIK

Is Monovision LASIK for Me?

Monovision is an alternative form of vision correction intended for people that have difficulty seeing both near and far. Monovision corrects the dominant eye for distance and under-corrects the non-dominant eye for near vision. This results in patients no longer…

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Stacey's Story

Patient Profile: Stacey’s Custom LASIK Story

Today we would like to share Stacey’s story, a SMILE patient of Dr. Haddad’s. We asked her (4) questions about her experience at the Laser Eye Institute! What made you choose to go with the Laser Eye Institute? I heard…

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LASIK Safety

Is LASIK Safe? A 2020 Report

“Is LASIK Safe” is a frequently asked and frequently researched question; and rightfully so as these are your eyes we are talking about! Thanks to the internet, we are living through an information era, giving us anything we could ask…

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New Year New You LASIK

New Year, New You: Why Now Is The Time for LASIK

2020 is here – can you believe it? New Year’s Resolutions have been set (and some probably broken), and many Michiganders have reflected and committed to improving their quality of life, and the lives of others’ as we entered the…

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Spectera LASIK

LASIK Coverage For Spectera Insurance

Spectera offers a LASIK discount program for its members. Eligible member with Spectera vision insurance will received discounts across all Laser Vision Correction procedures at Laser Eye Institute. Simply tell your scheduler you have Spetera or present your membership card...

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Superior Vision LASIK

LASIK Coverage For Superior Vision

Superior Vision members may participate with one of two options for LASIK coverage. Depending on your benefit coverage you will be eligible for either a LASIK discount or an allowance towards LASIK. Contact your employers benefit administrator, or superior vision…

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LASIK Coverage For United Health Care

Members insured by United Health Care may have LASIK coverage through either their UHC medical plan, or through their associated vision insurance. The type of coverage and amount will vary depending on your employers’ contract with United Health Care. We…

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Davis Vision LASIK

LASIK Coverage For Davis Vision

Davis Vision members are eligible for specific discounts on all Laser Vision Correction procedures. Davis Vision provides vision insurance benefits to members and as part of this provides discounted treatment options for LASIK. To qualify for these preferred rates present…

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LASIK Coverage For Cigna Insurance

If you are insured by Cigna you may have coverage for LASIK through Cigna, but more typically coverage will be provided through your associated vision plan, such as EyeMed, VSP, or another vision provider. This coverage will vary depending on…

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