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Laser Eye Institute and its founder, Dr. Daniel Haddad, have proudly been serving the vision care needs of the Metro-Detroit community since 1987. Our long-term success and reputation for quality are a result of our professional expertise and unwavering commitment to best-in-class technology and personalized patient care.

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From your initial complimentary consultation throughout your follow up exams, we are dedicated to providing excellent patient care. By getting to know our patient's, we are able to craft a vision correction plan that suits their lifestyle and occupational needs. Our dedicated and experienced team combined with a patient-focused approach ensures your best vision possible.

Personalized care delivering outstanding results through: Safety, Results, Experience


Ensuring the safety of every procedure we perform is paramount to who we are. Prior to treatment we repeat all critical measurements as well as use multiple diagnostic devices performing the same measurements to ensure the validity and integrity of all clinical data.

Our on-site laser suite and three laser platforms contain many robust and redundant safety features to ensure stable outcomes and patient safety. We utilize the unique fingerprint of the iris to ensure that the correct treatment is always applied to the correct eye. Our lasers feature an active tracking system adopted from military missile guidance systems to track the movement of the eye over a thousand times per second to ensure proper alignment and centration of treatment. Ambient temperature and humidity also impact the predictability of outcomes and our on-site laser suite environmental controls ensure that temperature is regulated to within 1.0 degrees and humidity is maintained to 1.5 degrees.

All of these systems work in concert to ensure the safety of every eye we care for.


Delivering outstanding results with high predictability is the driving force behind why more patients trust Laser Eye Institute to correct their vision than any other center in Michigan. Our Wavefront guided technology adapted from NASA telescopes allow us to measure changes variations to light as it enters the eye. This data is combined with data collected from ray-tracing and 3D imaging diagnostic devices to generate a treatment plan that is uniquely customized to you. Before treatment each plan is compared to thousands of similar treatment plans utilizing algorithms to predict visual outcomes and adjust the treatment profile based upon similar historical data.

Laser Vision Correction is as much an art as it is a science. Our over 30 years of experience in correction vision has allowed us to perfect this art while improving upon it with some of the words most advanced eye diagnostic equipment available. All this enables us to deliver highly predictable and accurate results to enable you to see clearly.


Laser Eye Institute is led by one of the country’s most experienced vision correction specialists, Dr. Haddad. A national expert on vision correction Dr. Haddad has lectured both across the country as well as internationally on his craft. He routinely trains fellow LASIK surgeons with his ongoing course: Improving Results with CustomVue LASIK and has been honored with a lifetime achievement award from Kresge Eye Institute.

Our value of experience is more then just the number of years we have been perfecting the art and science of laser vision correction (it’s over 30). Experience is about the interactions we have together and ways we revolutionizing the patient experience every day. We assign each patient a vision correction coordinator. Think of them as your personal concierge. Our coordination teams is skilled in every aspect of patient care, from assisting with appointment scheduling to answering questions about how and when to use medications; you are directly connected to your coordinator through phone, SMS, and email. Our coordination team is available 24/7 because some questions can’t wait until the next day.

We should fit into your schedule, not the other way around, we offer Saturday appointments as well as the ability to connect with our team through phone, SMS, email and even Facebook messenger. Our experience enables us to deliver a laser vision correction experience unlike any other.

A better process for better vision


Freedom from glasses or contacts doesn't have to be hard. Check out our start-to-vision process.

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Meet with Dr. Haddad to find out if you are a great candidate for laser vision correction as well as which of our three lasers is best suited for your unique optics.

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We repeat all diagnostic tests to ensure the accuracy and predictability of all treatments. A custom treatment profile is planned for your individual eyes.

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Our lasers quickly (as little as 24 seconds) and painlessly apply the custom design treatment profile. Most patients experience improved vision and return to work the very next day.

Your experience is our focus.

Find out how we're revolutionizing the vision correction experience everyday.

A process built around you

Because we should fit into your life, not the other way around.

We’ve centered every step in the process of vision correction solely around you. From offering Saturday and evening appointments for when it’s hard to miss work, to offering email, SMS, and even facebook messenger communication support for those quick-questions when you can’t always pickup the phone.

Creating an experience that fits into your life, not the other way around; is one of the may reasons we’ve been Michigan’s trusted center for vision correction, since 1987.

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