Insurance Coverage

Does my insurance cover LASIK?

Understanding insurance benefits for laser vision correction can be tricky and complex. To ensure you make the most of your benefits, bring your insurance cards to your LASIK consultation and our team will check your coverage and review all your options to ensure you maxamize your benefits.


Average coverage provided by insurance

Simply bring your insurance cards and our team will check on coverage and ensure you maximize your benefits.

Person deciding between two options

Is LASIK a medical or vision benefit?

Most patients are surprised to find out that medical insurance actually differs from vision insurance. They are even more surprised to learn that LASIK can be covered by either their medical insurance, vision insurance, or both.

Medical Insurance

Provides coverage for medical conditions, symptoms and treatments, in some cases provides partial or full coverage for laser vision correction.

Vision Insurance

Covers routine vision exams, glasses and contacts. Some vision plans provide partial coverage, while others provide member-only pricing for laser vision correction.

Is my insurance accepted?

At Laser Eye Institute we accept most major insurance plans. Our in-house billing team works with each patient to check their benefit coverage and maximize their savings for vision correction.

Check your LASIK coverage.

Submit your information and our billing team will check your individual coverage and benefits.

Have a HSA or FSA? Save even more.

Did you know laser vision correction is covered by HSA and FSA plans? If your company has a HSA or FSA find out how you can save even more.

HSA & FSA Information
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