LASIK Coverage For Aetna Insurance

If you are insured by Aetna you may have coverage for LASIK through Aetna, but more typically coverage will be provided through your associated vision plan.

This coverage will vary depending on your employers contract with Aetna, there are three options to check your laser vision correction coverage if you are insured by Aetna:

  • Ask your employer if you have coverage for Laser Vision Correction either under your medical, or vision insurance.
  • Call Aetna member services and ask if you have coverage for LASIK. You can give them the procedure code of S0800.
  • Bring your Aetna cards or member information to your complimentary consultation and your LASIK coordinator will check your benefit coverage.
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Dan, a director of patient experience at Laser Eye Institute helps people improves their lives through laser vision correction.