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One Month After ReLex SMILE Eye Surgery & Life is Great!

It’s been a little over a month since my ReLex SMILE eye surgery, and it’s crazy to think how much my life has changed in so many interesting ways. For example, I am currently a student and take night classes. Now I can sit comfortably in the back row and actually SEE the projector— this is a major advantage when trying to sneak cheeseburgers into a Public Finance lecture.

After ReLex SMILE, It’s the little things I notice most

By the time I hit the one month mark, I’d finished taking all my prescription eye drops, and my eyes are back to being (pretty much) maintenance free. The strangest thing can be waking up and being able to see. In a foggy state, my immediate reaction can be  “I fell asleep in my contacts!” —and then I remember that I don’t wear contacts anymore.

Now that it’s normal for me to just be able to see perfectly, I test my little sister in the car. I’m probably just showing off when I ask if she can “read the sign 5 streets down”, but I’m just so happy that my vision is like this now. Having received SMILE  eye surgery, my quality of life has increased by 100%

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My New Vision Saves Lives!

I tend to be the one in the house that others come to for medical stuff, having just a smidge of experience in clinical work. This Thanksgiving, my dad managed to get a splinter of turkey bone stuck in his finger. I’m still not sure how he did it. But my eagle eyes and tweezers were the only things standing between him and near certain death. I needed clear vision to perform such an invasive procedure. It was a close call, but he pulled through in time for pumpkin pie and football.

If I could, would I do it over again?

People have asked me if I would have the procedure again, and I would do it in a heartbeat! ReLex SMILE lets me wear 3D glasses at a movie theater, see my eyeliner without pressing my face against the mirror, use binoculars and microscopes without nearly as much fiddling. Now, I’m not saying that SMILE will make you the scientist that will cure cancer or eradicate communicable diseases…. But it definitely makes it easier to use a microscope without the awkward glasses-bumping-around thing.

All kidding aside, I really do enjoy every day a bit more. Healing was a lot quicker than I anticipated, and the benefits already outweigh the expensive hassle of dealing with glasses and contacts. Every year that I get to use my eyes will be a bonus.

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