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Seeing is Believing: Using Visualization with LASIK

If you’re nervous about procedure day, look no further. We have a great exercise in outcome visualization to take you to the next level and your vision into the next stage of life: After Lasik.

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Patient Profile: From NoMi to NoGlasses

I’m often flabbergasted while watching a film, like- have trees always been this beautiful??! I live in northern Michigan where we have stunning views of water and winding roads where I can now see details I had never seen before– bugs on flowers, branches on trees across the horizon– the world is truly a stunning and beautiful place.

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3 Reasons Why Monovision Is The Real Deal

Monovision works by having your eyes set to different prescriptions—one eye set for near vision, and the other set for distance. This allows you to have seamless, uninterrupted vision as you move about your day.

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Change Your Life With LASIK (and Jane Austen)

Even the bookish don’t need to hide behind glasses! In an uncommon way, Jane Austen provides inspiration for improving your vision to improve your life.

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We Love Our Police & Law Enforcement Officers!

We’re honoring current and former Law Enforcement (police and federal agents) with preferred pricing on Lasik!

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Quick Facts About Amblyopia

Ever wonder about amblyopia, or lazy eye? Here are a few quick bits about the not uncommon condition.

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Why Detroit is the Hot Spot for Lasik

Dr. Daniel Haddad is world-renowned in the field of laser vision correction. If you’re looking for the best in the world to take your vision to the next level, we’ll explain why traveling to Detroit is worth your time.

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Sitting Down with Dr. Rautio

We’ve added a new member to the Laser Eye Institute team recently, Dr. Jeffrey Rautio, OD. To celebrate, I sat down with Dr. Rautio over a cup of coffee, and asked him a few questions about his unique perspective on …

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Frequently Asked Questions: Part Three

Are there Age Limits for Lasik? The FDA has currently approved Lasik and PRK for patients aged 18-59 and ReLex SMILE for patients 21-59. Dr. Haddad sticks to these guidelines, but we do have vision correction options for patients ages …

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