Seeing is Believing: Using Visualization with LASIK

One thing patients are often worried about when scheduling their LASIK procedure is—everything. Often, patients come in both nervous and excited to start the next chapter of their lives—AL. That’s life After LASIK. LASIK is the most commonly performed vision correction procedure, with a great track record. We use the same technology as NASA to scan the shape of your cornea and determine we need to target for correction. But sometimes, you don’t need to hear about our technology and our surgeon with more than 30 years of experience in vision correction. Visualization is, in fact, key.

Visualization is Key

On the day of your procedure, it’s normal to feel some nerves. It’s your last day with glasses! You’re in your comfiest clothes. Now, one proven way to relax is to use through outcome visualization.  Now, visualization sometimes gets a bad rap. It can be lumped in with healing crystals and energy work, but it has absolutely nothing New Age-y about it. Visualization—the kind that Arnold Schwarzenegger supposedly used back in his Mr. Universe days–involves seeing yourself in your mind’s eye with the goal already accomplished.

We’ve come up with an exercise to combat the feelings of anxiety that can pop up on procedure day. This will helps you center and focus on what really matters: your life After Lasik. So when you’re prepping for the big day, take a moment to sit back and visualize the new glasses-free version of yourself.

The Exercise:

  1. Sit comfortably wherever feels good.
  2. Enjoy a few deep breaths and recognize your body.
  3. Relax your muscles, head to toe.
  4. Think about what your life will be like without glasses.
  5. What activities are you looking forward to After Lasik? Coming in from the rain without water spots on your glasses? Falling asleep without worrying about dry contact lenses? Waking up to a sunlight on the trees, and seeing each leaf crisply? Watching a movie laying down on your side?
  6. Think about all the ways your life will change for the better After Lasik, both large and small.
  7. Focus your thoughts on how your eyes will heal quickly, and all of these things will be yours so very, very soon.
  8. Relax, settling into the knowledge that your eyes will be your very own superpower soon, and you’ll wish you’d done this years ago.
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Amanda helps patients improve their lives through the power of LASIK. A patient coordinator at Laser Eye Institute, Amanda assists patients through every step in their start-to-vision journey.