Change Your Life With LASIK (and Jane Austen)

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that two bespectacled eyes are in want of laser vision correction, to paraphrase and slightly misquote Jane Austen. LASIK wasn’t a possibility in 1813 when Pride and Prejudice was published. In the modern age, vision correction is better than ever, and can only improve your life. Here are some of the many, many ways LASIK can make you a happier person.

1. You’ll save money with LASIK

When you take a look at the expense of things like prescription glasses, contact lenses, contact solution/cases, eye drops for dry and irritated eyes due to contacts, prescription sunglasses… The expenses mount up. Every year you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars just for the privilege of being able to see. Looking at an average patient who uses daily contact lenses, you could easily spend more than $800 a year on contact lenses, before you even take into account all the other necessities! LASIK is a small up-front cost to ensure you don’t have to pay over and over to be able to see like a fighter pilot.

2. Confidence is key with LASIK

There’s no need to feel hidden behind glasses anymore. For those that wear glasses “just for driving” or “only at night” or just when you “really need to see something” because you’re less than confident in hipster frames, LASIK is the key. Laser vision correction allows you to show the real you to the world, without compromising your look or your style, and certainly without compromising your comfort.

3. After LASIK, Seeing is convenient

There are times when it would be nice to just be able to see better. When you wake up in the morning, before you even step foot on your bedroom floor. When you’re driving in a new location and you could use some help with street signs. When you’re at the gym, and you don’t want to worry about glasses and headphones and water bottle and phone. Basically, everything you do will be a bit easier when you can see without accessories.

So, if you would like your face to be noted as “rendered uncommonly intelligent by the beautiful expression of your dark eyes” as Mr. Darcy describes Lizzy, maybe it’s time to acknowledge that glasses are better left in the Regency Era… and your future can be magnificent vision.

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Amanda helps patients improve their lives through the power of LASIK. A patient coordinator at Laser Eye Institute, Amanda assists patients through every step in their start-to-vision journey.