Frequently Asked Questions: Part Three

Are there Age Limits for Lasik?

The FDA has currently approved Lasik and PRK for patients aged 18-59 and ReLex SMILE for patients 21-59. Dr. Haddad sticks to these guidelines, but we do have vision correction options for patients ages 60 and up.

Do I Have to Stop Wearing Contacts First?

Contact lenses do change the shape of your cornea a bit, so we ask that patients stop wearing their contact lenses a few weeks before their Lasik procedure. The exact length of time each patient must be out of contacts varies based on contact type (soft contacts, rigid gas permeable lenses, hybrid lenses) and how long you’ve been wearing them. If you’re looking to have Lasik ASAP, we suggest that you switch to glasses a week or two before your consultation to speed up the process.

Is Lasik Expensive?

First, I’m sorry that I can’t give you a direct price quote online—there are just too many factors that go into pricing. Nevertheless, when you spend money on laser vision correction, you’re investing in your vision, and the cost of Lasik is much less than most patients spend on glasses or contacts in just a few years. Look for our savings calculator (coming soon!) to find out more.

If I’m Diabetic, Can I Still Have Lasik?

With diabetic patients, there are a couple of factors at play. We want to make sure that your vision is stable, first and foremost. That usually means that your diabetes must be well-controlled. Give us a call with your recent lab results (especially your hemoglobin A1C) and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

I had a traumatic eye injury in the past that caused a scar on my cornea, can LASIK correct my vision?

This is to be determined by the ophthalmologist. The doctor would need to look at the eye and depending on the size, location and deepness of the scar there may not be any visual improvement after the LASIK procedure. However, using the surface treatment LASEK (Laser epithelial keratomileusis aka PRK) could be a possibility to help reduce or remove the scar.

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