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We've ran the numbers to calculate what you currently spend on eye care and applied any tax or insurance discounts. See the true cost of lenses and savings potential with Laser Vision Correction.

Your Total Savings:


By the time you are 65 you will have spent over 0 on lenses.

What lenses really cost

The big brands don't want you to do the math, but you spend an average of $0.00 on lenses each and every year. After a few years those costs really add up!

Comparing monthly costs

Compare LASIK, lenses, and coffee. While payments for LASIK will end - you never stop spending on lenses.

We've used our popular 60-month option to calculate a monthly payment.


$0 ($0.00/Day)


$0 ($0.00/Day)


$0 ($0.00/Day)

You qualified for even more savings

You could save even more on Laser Vision Correction with these additional savings.

HSA Savings

The $0 you have in your HSA is equivalent to spending $0 after taxes.

$0 additional savings

Insurance Benefit

We participate with your insurance pan. Giving you an additional savings by using your benefit.

We may participate with your insurance, we've shown the average saving amount. Giving you an additional savings by using your benefit.

$0 additional savings

Your monthly payment plans

Most patients chose to finance their Laser Vision Correction with low monthly payments. We've calculated some options for you below.

60 Month
$0 per month

$200 down • 60 Payments • 17.9% APR

36 Month
$0 per month

$200 down • 36 Payments • 15.9% APR

24 Month
$0 per month

$200 down • 24 Payments • 0.0% APR

Monthly payments are estimates only. Standard LASIK treatment both eyes. Subject to credit approval. Mininum monthly payments required. See CareCredit Financing Terms for details.

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