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Why Detroit is the Hot Spot for Lasik

Dr. Daniel Haddad is world-renowned in the field of laser vision correction. If you’re looking for the best in the world to take your vision to the next level, we’ll explain why traveling to Detroit is worth your time.

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3 Hacks to Turn your Tax Refund into 20/20 Vision

When tax time rolls around, it’s easy to spend that refund check as quickly as you get it. This year, why not use your tax refund as an investment into better vision? Here are a few ways to get the most out of your hard-earned money, before April 15.

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5 Questions to ask ANY LASIK Surgeon to Sound like an Insider

1) How often will you perform postoperative examinations? Here at Laser Eye Institute, we make sure to see you for postoperative follow-up examinations at least at 1 or 3 days (depending on the procedure), 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, …

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Sitting Down with Dr. Rautio

We’ve added a new member to the Laser Eye Institute team recently, Dr. Jeffrey Rautio, OD. To celebrate, I sat down with Dr. Rautio over a cup of coffee, and asked him a few questions about his unique perspective on …

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Frequently Asked Questions: Part Three

Are there Age Limits for Lasik? The FDA has currently approved Lasik and PRK for patients aged 18-59 and ReLex SMILE for patients 21-59. Dr. Haddad sticks to these guidelines, but we do have vision correction options for patients ages …

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Laser Eyes Are For Athletes

What do Shaun Rogers, Cory Schlesinger, and Kalimba Edwards from the Detroit Lions; Grayson Greiner from the Detroit Tigers; Tiger Woods; Lindsay Vonn; and Laser Eye Institute’s own Jack Roush, Jr. have in common? They’ve all had laser vision correction …

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A Million Smiles

ZEISS Celebrates 1 Million SMILE Laser Vision Correction Procedures We’re happy to announce that more than 1 Million ReLex SMILE procedures have now been performed worldwide! SMILE uses the world’s fastest laser for vision correction using the state-of-the-art Visumax laser. …

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Frequently Asked Questions: Part Two

I’m in my 50’s and currently wear reading glasses, am I a candidate for LASIK? If you have great distance vision and need readers for close work, yes, you could be a candidate for LASIK.  We offer free LASIK consultations …

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Frequently Asked Questions: Part One

In part one of our LASIK FAQ, we break down some of the most common LASIK related questions. How Do I Know If I’m a Good Candidate for Lasik? The best way to determine this is by coming in for …

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