3 Hacks to Turn your Tax Refund into 20/20 Vision

When tax time rolls around, it’s easy to spend that refund check as quickly as you get it. This year, why not use your tax refund as an investment into better vision? Here are a few ways to get the most out of your hard-earned money, before April 15.

1) Save some cash

While you could spend your tax refund check on a new tv, consider how much money you could save yourself each year if you didn’t purchase glasses or contacts. Here’s an actual example of what one patient spent on contact lenses every year before getting her Lasik procedure. (We went with the most cost-effective option for this patient’s brand of lenses, going with a larger box to save a few dollars. This patient was lucky enough to wear the same prescription in both eyes.)

Acuvue 1 Day Moist Lenses (90 per box) x 8 boxes for 1 year supply = $928.56

It seems pretty safe to say that Lasik is a money-saving investment that pays for itself quickly. Putting your return directly into laser vision correction is the fastest hack to turn your tax refund into 20/20 vision.

2) Take your refund, and use it as a down payment

One of the benefits of our partnership with CareCredit is that you don’t need a down payment to apply for financing. But, as with any line of credit, a down payment can lower your monthly payment going forward. CareCredit allows for flexible financing, so you can apply today and practically schedule your better vision.

3) Combine your refund with insurance benefits and your HSA/FSA for maximum impact

Now that you have all the info to transform your check from Uncle Sam into some Eagle-eyed vision, give us a call! With all these money saving tips and tricks, you’ll probably still have some fun money left over to buy yourself a slick pair of shades.

If your employer offers you HSA/FSA benefits, Lasik is a great way to use up your pre-tax money. We’ve spoken about that before here. Of course, sometimes that won’t be enough to cover your procedure (maybe you’ve already decided how much to contribute to your HSA for the year), so combine that pre-tax money with your tax refund. The HSA/tax refund method is the one-two punch for maximizing your savings on Lasik.

Ready to put that tax refund to work?

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