4 Great Ways to Save

4 Great Ways to Save

Lasik is a great way to save money on expensive glasses and contact lenses. Just think about how much you’ll save every year in pricey designer frames or disposable contacts. Here are four easy ways to make Lasik even more affordable.

1. Financing

Patient financing is a great way to make Lasik even more affordable. We’ve partnered with CareCredit, a medical line of credit that extends special financing options you can’t get when using your Visa or MasterCard. Plans like our popular 0% interest financing for 24 months are available, or competitive interest rates for longer-term plans. It’s easy to apply in-office or online, on CareCredit’s website.

2. Vision Insurance

Many vision insurance plans offer a discount on laser vision correction. If you have a plan with any of the following, let us know! Each of these carriers has different requirements structuring their laser vision correction discounts, but our coordinators can tell you exactly how much money you can save at your consultation!

Davis Vision            VSP                       National Vision Administrators (NVA)

Eyemed                  Cole Vision             LCA Vision             

3. Medical Insurance

Some medical insurance plans offer coverage for laser vision. Insurance companies use procedure codes (CPT Codes) to determine if a service is covered.

It’s important that you know your benefits. We recommend you call your insurer to confirm your coverage is active without limitations, and find out if you will have co-insurance/deductible will be on a specific CPT code. When you contact your insurance company, make sure to have these codes available.

  • Comprehensive Exam (Work-UP) – CPT 92004
  • LASIK Procedure – CPT S0800
  • LASEK (PRK) Procedure – CPT S0810


An FSA (also known as a flex plan or reimbursement account) allows you to set aside pre-tax wages for certain types of medical expenses not otherwise covered by health insurance plans. Your FSA/HSA dollars can be used towards laser vision correction. 

FSAs save you money in three ways:

  1. FSA contributions and withdrawals are not subject to federal income or state withholding taxes or FICA
  2. FSA participants’ annual taxable income is reduced
  3. FSA participants’ are reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses

If you have one of these plans, make sure to mention it to our patient coordinators. They’re experts at dealing with FSAs and will help you submit your paperwork for reimbursement.


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