Laser Eyes Are For Athletes

What do Shaun Rogers, Cory Schlesinger, and Kalimba Edwards from the Detroit Lions; Grayson Greiner from the Detroit Tigers; Tiger Woods; Lindsay Vonn; and Laser Eye Institute’s own Jack Roush, Jr. have in common? They’ve all had laser vision correction to help their athletic performance and improve their careers.

Athletes are in a great position to reap the rewards of Lasik—you understand the hassle of dealing with glasses on the court, or feeling your eyes dry out from contacts halfway through a long run. Whether the competition is another team, another player, or your personal best, there’s always something missing when you can’t see as well as you could.

Laser vision correction helps athletes succeed in ways that glasses and contacts can’t. It stands up to sweat, water, dirt and grass, and isn’t influenced by changes in lighting conditions. Lasik changes your eyes for the better, and every athlete (even the weekend warrior) knows that the biggest challenge is overcoming your own limitations.

>You don’t have to be limited by glasses or contacts.

Originally Posted October 20, 2017

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