A Million Smiles

ZEISS Celebrates 1 Million SMILE Laser Vision Correction Procedures

We’re happy to announce that more than 1 Million ReLex SMILE procedures have now been performed worldwide! SMILE uses the world’s fastest laser for vision correction using the state-of-the-art Visumax laser. With ReLex SMILE, Zeiss is at the forefront of laser vision correction, with a procedure that is redefining laser surgery as we know it.

We’re excited to be leaders in this revolutionary, minimally-invasive form of laser vision correction. Dr. Haddad was the first physician in Michigan to perform this procedure. He has been refining his technique with the Visumax laser since 2014, performed his first SMILE procedure in 2016, and our first patient Laser Eye Institute patient was SMILE-ing in March 2017.

Here’s to a million more smiles!

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