CATz vs Customvue Technology: Which is Best?

Customized treatment is one of the most exciting things we can do with laser vision correction. But there are a lot of brand names floating around on the market that make different claims about their efficacy. So what’s are CATz and Customvue technology, and which is best for you?

We use the AMO-VISX STAR S4 laser, which uses proprietary Customvue technology to create a unique eye map that is 100% specific to your optics. This 3-D map, or WaveScan, is twenty five times more precise than conventional measurements used for contacts and glasses. The WaveScan is essentially like a “fingerprint,” because no two measurements are the same from patient to patient. The map of your eye allows your doctor to view your refractive error, spherical aberrations, and higher order aberrations, as well as demonstrate the point spread function of a single point of light, and demonstrate how treatment will affect your eye.

If that sounds like a lot, it is! WaveScans are a valuable tool for determining exactly what type of treatment will lead to your best vision.

CATz is another type of customized treatment that uses corneal topography to design a map of your eye. The CATz stands for Customized Aspheric Treatment Zone. It’s similar technology to the Customvue, and treats corneal irregularities with precision. One of the biggest differences between the two technologies is branding—it uses a NIDEK laser instead of an AMO-VISX. The NIDEK laser may be newer, but it’s lacking the longstanding track record of proven results that that AMO-VISX maintains.

We can only speak from our experience, and we know that Wavefront-guided technology works. We’ve been using custom treatments from the very beginning—we were the first to have a custom laser in Michigan, and we’ve performed the most custom procedures in the state. Patients who have this type of custom treatment are more likely to see 20/20, 20/15, or even 20/10 as compared to conventional treatments. Learn more about the STAR S4 laser, with Iris-Registration technology all over our website.

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