Consultation Information

Ready. Set. Consultation.

We’re excited to start your journey to better vision with LASIK.

To ensure you have the best consultation experience possible please keep the following in mind:

Your consultation is complimentary

There’s no fee to find out if you are a great LASIK candidate. Should you decide to schedule treatment we do collect a $100 deposit.

Save time and register online

Speed through check-in and help us reduce over 40,000 pages of paper waste by completing your patient registration form online (click here to register online).

Bring all glasses you regularly wear

We’ll compare them to your current vision for any changes in correction.

Feel free to wear your contact lenses

Feel free to wear your contact lenses, but you will be asked to remove them. We provide case and solution, if needed.

Plan for a two hour appointment

Our consultations are very comprehensive, so plan for around two hours. If you’re running short on time let a team member know.

Let us know if plans change

We reserve this time just for you. If you are running late or unable to keep your appointment please let us know so we may release your appointment to our waiting list.

Bring your identification and insurance cards

We check insurance benefits for any coverage or discount programs for which you may be eligible.

Have you registered yet? Complete your paperwork online to save paper and speed through check-in.

Online Registration

During Your Consultation

What to expect at your Laser Eye Institute consultation appointment.

Advanced Screening

We map and measure your optics across five devices, capturing over 25,000 data points to determine if you are a great candidate.

Comprehensive Examination

Our doctors will complete a comprehensive examination and review diagnostics to determine if you are a great candidate.

Determine Candidacy

Find out which of our treatments you are a candidate for, and the overall best treatment and laser plan for your unique vision.

Treatment Planning

Your care coordinator will review financing options and next steps when you are ready to take the next step towards better vision.

We reserve a large portion of time to personally meet with each patient; due to this, we typically have a large wait list of 1-3 months. If you are unable to keep your appointment, kindly let us know so we may release your appointment to our wait list.

Our Standards

Dr. Haddad’s Ethos

When patients trust me with their eyes, it’s a sacred trust. Every day I do my very best to make sure that each patient receives exceptional care, the safest, most advanced technology, and the best possible results.

Daniel Haddad M.D.
Owner, Medical Director

Dr. Daniel Haddad
We believe in giving each and every person our full attention, utilizing nearly thirty years of experience to custom-tailor a mode of vision correction that is specific to each individual’s occupational and lifestyle and needs.
Never cutting corners, we believe in using the most advanced diagnostic and laser technology to ensure that each one of our patients receives the sharpest vision possible. All in our unparalleled LASIK suite: equipped specifically for vision correction and staffed by our experienced and welcoming team.


30+ Years Experience

LASIK is an art as much as it is science. No one knows more about this than Dr. Haddad, with more experience than anyone in Michigan.

Three Laser Platforms

With more lasers on-site than anyone else in Michigan, Dr. Haddad is able to select the laser that will provide the best possible results.

All Laser LASIK

LASIK can be performed with a blade or laser. We always utilize all-laser LASIK for safer treatments and faster healing.

Complimentary Consult

There is never a fee to find out if you are a great LASIK candidate or to meet with Dr. Haddad during our thorough consultations.

Everything’s Included

We never offer upgrades or add-ons, only offering a treatment plan that will deliver the best possible results for your individual eyes.

No Interest Financing

Take up to two-years to pay with 0% financing. Get great vision today for under $100 per month (That’s about $3 a day).

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