COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy During COVID

Regardless of what you refer to the COVID-19 outbreak as, one story remains the same – it has affected everyone in some way or another. The way we do things has changed, but as people, we do what we do best – adapt. 

As a local, Metro-Detroit company, rooted in Troy for over 30 years, we have been with our community through thick and thin – and this time is no different. The doors are officially open and we are seeing patients, with your safety being our number one priority. The safety measures include increased sanitization, fewer patients in the building at one time, social distancing, physical barriers, and reduced contact. 


In guidance from the CDC and federal government, we have instituted rigorous cleaning protocols designed to keep Laser Eye Institute safe and sanitized. All public touch points and surfaces are sterilized multiple times throughout the day, including before and after each patient visit. Prior to your visit all diagnostic devices and exam rooms are sanitized using CDC approved cleaners. We’re also asking all patients to wear masks (in addition to our employees) upon entry and clean hands at sanitizer stations throughout the clinic. 

Limited Appointment Slots

With efforts to keep our patients safe, we will be operating at reduced capacity. Fewer appointment slots equal fewer people in the building at one time. Inherently, less supply creates more demand, and a backlog for general eye exams and LASIK consultations is expected. This is especially true for LASIK patients as Dr. Dan Haddad is one of the Nation’s LASIK authorities. If you have been putting off scheduling your appointment, we suggest you book soon, or call in to be added to our waiting list.

Social Distancing

Upon your arrival at Laser Eye Institute, social distancing will be enforced at all times. We ask patients to be mindful of their surroundings and practice safe distancing at all times. It’s really simple – more social distancing lowers the risks of transmitting COVID. Our waiting areas have been modified so a minimum of six feet separate all seating areas. We’ve also moved our patient registration and common forms online to further reduce touch points.

Physical Barriers

To help reinforce a touchless environment, new physical barriers have been constructed throughout the institute.  

These barriers include Plexiglas separators between all reception areas, desks, diagnostic devices, and exam rooms.

Cancellation Policy

As we operate with limited available appointments, we are requiring 24 hour notice if you are unable to keep your appointment to allow us to release it to someone on our waiting list. Appointments not cancelled with 24 hour notice will be subject to a modest $25 fee that helps us offset the increased time to prepare for each patients visit. As we operate with a limited amount of appointments we hope this policy encourages patients to keep or reschedule their appointment.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Ensuring the safety of our patients and employees is a top priority during this time. Rest assured that we have made many changes to Laser Eye Institute to ensure the safety of every patient visit. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon, safely.

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David Lemieux, BA from Oakland University is a LASIK expert and marketing professional that has worked with Dr. Dan Haddad and the Laser Eye Institute since 2017. David believes in education and cutting through the noise to deliver facts and opinions about LASIK, SMILE, and all things Laser Vision Correction.