Work-Up Information

Ready. Set. Work-Up.

Let’s get you ready for the next step on your path to better vision.

To ensure you have a great work-up appointment please take a moment to review this important information.

Plan for a two hour appointment.

We dedicate a lot of time to triple check all measurements to ensure treatment is perfect. This appointment will take approximately two hours. If you are running late please let us know.

Bring a pair of sunglasses

Your eyes will be dilated at your work-up appointment and will be sensitive to light. Sunglasses will help for the drive home (we have temporary sunglasses if you forget).

Decide on a payment option

Final payment is collected at this appointment. If financing, please complete your CareCredit application online now. As a reminder we accept cash, CareCredit, HSA, FSA, and all major credit cards.

Planning on financing? Complete your financing application online and save even more time.

CareCredit Financing Application

During Your Work-Up

What to expect at your Laser Eye Institute work-up appointment.

Additional Measurements

We’ll map and measure your optics (again), giving us even more data points to calculate your perfect vision correction treatment.

Prescribe Medications

You will be prescribed eye drops for before and after treatment. Your coordinator will review medications and instructions.

Dilated Eye Exam

You’ll meet with our doctors again for a dilated eye exam and to ensure all of your questions are answered prior to treatment.

Review Consents

We will review the risks and benefits of laser vision correction and provide you with electronic or printed consent documents to review before treatment.

Finalize Payment

Final payment is collected at this appointment. If you would like to finance treatment (most patients do) we ask that you complete a CareCredit financing application online now.

Prepare For Treatment

Your coordinator will review instructions to follow on treatment day to prepare you for a smooth laser vision correction treatment.

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