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SMILE Eye Surgery

Is SMILE Eye Surgery A Safer Alternative To Contacts?

The latest advancement in laser vision surgery, SMILE is an effective and safe method for correcting vision. It is as successful as LASIK without the more extensive postoperative restrictions (i.e. can wear eye makeup or play sports right after) and …

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contact lens intolerance man

Get Rid of Contact Lens Intolerance (CLI) For Good

Are you one of nearly 5 million Americans that suffer from Contact Lens Intolerance (CLI)? Get rid of it for good with SMILE.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Contact Lens Wear

According to the Contact Lens Institute, over 30 million Americans wear contact lenses, and 80% of those wear soft contact lenses every day1. Do you know the dos and don’ts of contact lens wear? Keep your eyes healthy by following …

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