Ready for life beyond lenses?97.1 The Ticket's Host Kyle Bogey Was!

He trusted his eyes with Dr. Dan from the Laser Eye Institute and now he is seeing 20/10 - better than perfect vision.

I'm 20/10 and wow.

My 20/10 vision is a game changer! Check out this clip of my radio show speaking about my LASIK experience with Dr. Dan and team at Laser Eye Institute.

My LASIK experience: From start-to-vision

Kyle Bogie LASIK Consultation

Meeting With Dr. Haddad

Getting to sit down with Dr. Dan and the team on the very first day I went in for a consultation calmed my natural nerves about LASIK eye surgery. With Laser Eye Institute, this was all about my customized treatment. For my specific eyes it wasn't one-sized fits all. My treatment was customized to me to give me the best results possible.

Kyle Bogey LASIK Treatment

My LASIK Treatment

Can't thank Dr. Dan Haddad and his team enough for such a seamless, painless LASIK procedure. Normally, I'd feel pretty nervous about any sort of medical operation but Dr. Dan couldn't have been more caring and professional walking me through every step... I can't believe how simple it was, and how painless it was. I wouldn't trust anyone else, other than Dr. Haddad and the Laser Eye Institute.

Enjoying 20/15 Vision

Enjoying 20/10 Vision!

He fixed my eyes, I have 20/10 vision. No longer do I have to sit and watch this awful NFL football team we have in Detroit with my nasty, blurry vision. Now I can see clearly how bad the Lions are in crystal clear HD. In all seriousness, I could not recommend Dr. Dan any more highly. I feel great and can’t wait to see him again, and thank him once again.

Thank You Dr. Dan and Laser Eye Institute Team!

97.1 The Ticket's Kyle Bogey
Kyle Bogey LASIK
Relaxing before my LASIK treatment
97.1 The Ticket LASIK
I'm pumped to have better-than-perfect vision
Kyle Bogey LASIK

Ready For Life Without Lenses?

I did it and you can too! Reserve your complimentary consultation with Dr. Haddad and get started on your path to 20/20 vision.

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