Stacey's Story

Patient Profile: Stacey’s SMILE LASIK Story

Today we would like to share Stacey’s story, a SMILE patient of Dr. Haddad’s. We asked her (4) questions about her experience at the Laser Eye Institute!

What made you choose to go with the Laser Eye Institute?

I heard a commercial on the car radio. it just kind of clicked with me like I should get that done. With Dr. Haddad, I remember I had a friend, literally 5-6 years ago, came into my work and told me he had that done and he said it was the best thing he ever did for himself, “Go see Dr. Haddad!” For some reason, that day clicked and I thought today’s the day I’m going to call and make an appointment and I did.

Finding the right doctor is priority #1… what are your thoughts on Dr. Haddad?

Dr. Haddad is just the nicest man. I know he’s probably so busy but he takes time and listens to you. You never feel rushed with him. He acts like he has a personal interest in every single person that comes in here, he’s just such a nice man.

What procedure did you have? And would you recommend it?

I had the SMILE procedure. I would absolutely recommend it. It was so fast, so painless. I walked out of here and could see things! I didn’t expect that; to just be up and seeing immediately.

What was your biggest WOW moment after your procedure?

Probably two days ago, actually. I went to the Michigan game and we sat on the endzone and I could see other people on the other endzone. I could see their scarves, things they were wearing, their clothes, their faces… it was crazy!

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