Hussein's Story

Patient Profile: Hussein’s Custom LASIK Story

Today we would like to share Hussein’s story, a Custom LASIK patient of Dr. Haddad’s. We asked him (3) questions about his experience at the Laser Eye Institute.

What made you choose the Laser Eye Institute for your LASIK procedure?

I asked family and friends. Out of the seven people that told me, five of them actually recommended this place. I gave another place a shot, but after I looked up the reviews, I settled here and I was pretty confident with that decision.

How has life changed since having laser vision corrective surgery?

It’s easier! I don’t have limitations; Because I’m in a soccer league, I also ride and so on so forth. When I’m putting on helmets or I’m playing, sweating, or if I go swimming, whatever the case may be, I don’t have to accommodate for those glasses anymore. Now when I go to the beach, I don’t have to have corrective vision on my sunglasses either.

Fear can deter those seeking Laser Vision Correction! Any Advice?

It took me a total of 24 hours to make the decision, make an appointment, and consult with you guys. It took me almost nothing and it wasn’t until after the fact when I realized those liabilities and the risks that come with it was where I started to question things, but it was such a professional atmosphere in here, I didn’t mind at all! I felt really comfortable with the process.

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