Big News: Our Dearborn Office is Closing

As of February 2016, Dr. Haddad will no longer be seeing patients at the Dearborn location. The Dearborn location is happy and excited to announce a new partnership with Kresge Eye Institute in Dearborn.

As part of this partnership Dr. Haddad will be transitioning his patients to the combined practice at Kresge’s Dearborn clinic. During 2016 Dr. Haddad will still continue to see a limited number of patients. After 2017 Dr. Haddad will take on a leadership role in the clinic and no longer see patients.

Of course, if you have been seeing Dr. Haddad in Dearborn, you might have some questions.You can continue to see a doctor in Dearborn for your ophthalmologic issues. Your chart will remain in Dearborn, with Kresge Eye Institute, for your convenience and ease of care. Dr. Haddad trusts all of the doctors at Kresge Eye Institute, and ensures that your quality of care will remain excellent during this transition.

With this consolidation to only the Troy office, Dr. Haddad will now be concentrating his practice on performing procedures and their corresponding follow-ups. Dr. Haddad will only be performing Lasik and vision correction procedures out of the Troy office.

Please note this change does not impact any patients that have underwent Laser Vision Correction at any location with Dr. Haddad

Kresge Eye Institute

Kresge Eye Institute
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4700 Schaefer Road Suite 260
Dearborn MI 48126

Phone# 313-945-8270
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