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If You Wear Glasses, Here Are 21 Reasons to Get LASIK in Michigan in 2021

2020 was a very different year, wasn’t it? Our new normal became a laptop at home in comfy slippers, instead of the office. Maybe your child has been in a virtual classroom learning nearby, with your partner working at the kitchen table.

Our work schedules and work environments became more flexible than ever. Yet studies show that, despite the odds against it, we’ve become even more productive working from home. So, with all of that, does that make 2021 a good time to get LASIK?

Think about it. We’re not going to as many dinners out, major sporting events, or concerts, just for starters. We’re spending less on gas to travel to and from the office. We’re spending less on professional clothing because sweat pants can suffice in Zoom meetings. Traveling has become difficult or even prohibited. You may have more disposable income staying in your bank account than going out. So what should you do with it? Let’s count the reasons that 2021 is a great time to get LASIK.

21 reasons 2021 is the perfect time to get LASIK

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  1. You may be skipping a few steps of your morning routine when you’re working remotely, but why not skinny it down even more? No more cleaning contacts or glasses every day when you get LASIK.
  2. NOW is a good time to stop struggling with contacts or glasses before you even have your coffee in the morning. Consider how great it will be to see everything with complete clarity as soon as you open your eyes.
  3. That morning routine? All of it—showering, shaving, putting on mascara—is simply a whole lot easier when you can see clearly after LASIK.
  4. Zoom calls! If you’re working remotely and have glasses, you know how annoying they are during virtual meetings. “Can my coworkers see anything except for the bright light shining off my lenses?”
  5. Those foggy glasses have got to go! If you live in northern climates, with mask-wearing, frigid cold weather, and summer with a/c on the horizon, you know the pain. When you get LASIK in Michigan—no glasses means no fog!
  6. It’s never too soon to keep more money in your wallet by eliminating the maintenance expenses for contact lenses, eyeglasses, and all of the related supplies. You’ll be able to skip those expensive prescription sunglasses, too.
  7. Is 2021 the year you make the most of your workouts? After LASIK, you can bike and run and sweat all you want without your glasses sliding or falling off your face. (Just say no to “athletic straps” for glasses!)
  8. Special financing is available to help finance LASIK, and it may not be available next year if interest rates go up. How does 0% for 24 months sound? (Terms apply.)
  9. If you’re working remotely, your employer may be more flexible about allowing you to “flex” your hours to make your LASIK scheduling work. Don’t wait until you have to go back into the office during the week to schedule your LASIK treatment.
  10. Avoid the risk of injuries caused by your glasses. Did you know that that 27,000 people went to the ER with injuries caused by their eyeglasses in just two years?
  11. Ever panic when you drop your glasses off your nightstand at night? Did they fall “lens side down”? How many scratches did they get? How much will it cost to replace them? After LASIK, you can avoid that unnecessary shot of panicked adrenaline right before bed.
  12. Contact lenses are great. But the constant, putting them in, taking them out, cleaning them, rinsing, and repeating, over and over again? So annoying! Is 2021 the year that you let that annoying routine go?
  13. Getting LASIK reduces the risk of getting a corneal infection from overwearing your contact lenses. How nice would it be to never have to track how long you’ve been wearing your contact lenses—ever again?
  14. If you’ve ever lost or broken your glasses, you know that horrible feeling. “There goes $300/$400/$500/$700 down the drain.” Trust us; it’s a much better feeling NOT to have to worry about losing or breaking your glasses.
  15. Does the pandemic have you falling asleep in front of Netflix more often? With your contact lenses in? Ouch! Or your glasses on, only to find them later underneath the sofa? Or worse yet, your dog ate one of the stems while you were out cold? With LASIK, you can binge watch and nap all weekend long, with no worries about damage to your eyes or your eyewear.
  16. Ever forget your contact lens supplies when you were traveling abroad? Then you know the panic of trying to find a drugstore in exotic locales so you can manage your lens care. Since we’re all (most likely) traveling less this year, schedule your LASIK in 2021 so you can eliminate that worry BEFORE your next vacation.
  17. Speaking of vacations, swimming with contacts or glasses is a huge hassle. Wet glasses? Contacts washed out of your eyes? After LASIK, all you’ll have to worry about is what bathing suit you’re wearing. Say yes to snorkeling and scuba diving on that future trip!
  18. And, at the risk of getting repetitive, during that future vacation to the beach? Glasses or contacts can be a royal pain in the rear. Blowing sand doesn’t play well with either glasses or contacts. You WILL get back to the beach eventually so why not plan for it in 2021 with a little LASIK?
  19. Since we may not be traveling (yet) in 2021, it’s likely we’ll be spending a significant amount of time in front of electronic screens. If you wear glasses, you know it can be exhausting, dealing with glare coming off of your lenses for several hours at a time. And it’s worse if you’re doing work that requires a lot of detail. If you wear contacts, this same type of work can leave your eyes dry and scratchy. LASIK reduces both of these types of eyestrain.
  20. As of 2021, LASIK has been used for vision correction for 30+ years. New technology has led to the creation of several unique options so that treatment can be matched to the unique optics of each patient’s eyes. That also means that medical professionals have significant experience with the different types of technology and treatments.
  21. And finally, our last reason to get LASIK in Michigan in 2021 isn’t a reason at all. We’d just like you to know that if you find out that you’re not one of the 98% of people who are good candidates for LASIK, there are new treatment options, like SMILE, that may work for you.
Reasons to Get LASIK

What is YOUR reason to get LASIK in 2021? Schedule your consultation with Dr. Dan Haddad today!

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