VISX-AMO Laser Technology

AMO VISX Star Laser


AMO is one of the leaders in the field of laser vision correction. The Star S4 laser is often referred to as a VISX (a nod to the company’s original name).

Since receiving FDA approval in 1999 the Star laser is the most commonly used laser in the US, with roughly 57% of LASIK done on it. It has two available treatment modes that are detailed below: conventional and CustomVue.

CustomVue treatments offer significant benefits over conventional. Almost all patients we treat on the Star laser have a CustomVue treatment.

CustomVue LASIK Explained

CustomVue LASIK

CustomVue is the brand name AMO-VISX uses to designate a wavefront guided treatment.
It is the only FDA approved treatment for both lower and higher order aberrations.

  • Wavefront Acquisition A WaveScan maps higher order aberrations by sending infrared light into the eye and measuring the output. This data is compiled into a map called a WaveScan.
  • Treatment Programming Dr. Haddad uses WaveScan data, other data points and his unique formulas to program a customized treatment profile unique to that eye.
  • CustomVue Treatment The customized treatment is transfered to the VISX Star laser via a USB drive. The Star laser applies the custom treatment plan.

WaveScan Technology


A key component of the CustomVue technology is the WaveScan. This device, known as an aberrometer uses advanced sensor technology to create a wavefront map of your optics. This sensor technology was originally developed for the Hubble space telescope and is used to map the amount of higher order aberrations.

Confused? You’re not the only one! Vision errors are caused by two sources: lower order aberrations and higher order aberrations. Most people are familiar with lower order aberrations like farsightedness (hyperopia) nearsightedness (myopia) and astigmatism. This is only half the story.

In additional to lower order aberrations some patients also have a significant amount of higher order aberrations. These have unfamiliar terms such as coma, spherical aberration and trefoil. These are the culprit for poor vision at night, glare and halos.

The WaveScan is the only device approved to treat both the lower order as well as the higher order aberrations. It does this with the help of the WaveScan. The WaveScan works by beaming infrared light at a known frequency into the eye and measuring the output onto a Hartmann-Shack sensor. This data is compiled to create a map, called a WaveScan, of the higher order aberrations in your optics.

Iris Registration

CustomVue treatments include a technology called Iris Registration that further increases the safety and accuracy of the treatment by offering three key benefits not found on any other laser platform.

Is CustomVue Right For Me?

Not all patients will benefit from wavefront guided LASIK. Some patients may have better results instead from a wavefront optimized treatment. At Laser Eye Institute we have both the VISX Star laser which is the only laser to offer wavefront guided treatment, and the Zeiss MEL80 the best wavefront optimized laser available.

Since the introduction of the Zeiss refractive platform, Laser Eye Institute is proud to be the only vision correction center in Michigan and one of a handful in the country to offer both wavefront guided and wavefront optimized treatments.