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How Many Contact Lenses Do You Have Left?

As if the pain and annoyance of contact lens irritation and intolerance weren’t enough, contact lens wearers have many other hassles they go through every day, just to see clearly.

Millions of people plod through every week, opening a new box of contact lenses every Monday. Until one day, they open the last box and realize it’s time to make the dreaded doctor’s appointment for an eye exam. Frequently, this means taking scheduled time off from work, a different form of contact lens intolerance.

An Endless Cycle of Fittings, Samples, and Online Orders

After getting a new prescription for your contact lenses, there’s the time spent with the contact lens specialist for your fitting. Do you keep the same lenses or try a new and improved lens that’s just hit the market? Does lens A feel better than lens B? Would you like to try lens C? After trying multiple lenses straight out of the sample pack in an allergen-free room, they all feel great. So, off you go home with three sample packs. You wear each for a week before deciding which lenses will carry you through the following year, hopefully with minimal contact lens irritation.

Alternatively, in the soon-to-be-post-COVID world, it’s now preferable for many to just skip the hour-long fitting and order contacts online. After all, it’s the twenty-first century. The options are unlimited.

Sadly – buyer beware! Not everything you find online is as it seems. You might have avoided the trip to your eye doctor, but now you have some things to consider. Do you trust the online company? Does the company offer patient support? Do they accept your insurance? It’s contact lens intolerance, but now instead of eye pain, it’s your head that throbs.

Before you finish that last box of contact lenses – Take back your vision: it’s time to check out options that will allow you to see clearly without allergens, dry eyes, and the dangers of falling asleep with your contact lenses in.

After your contact lens prescription expires, that dreaded moment, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. Why not schedule a different kind of appointment to free yourself from contact lenses altogether.

Breaking Up With Contact Lenses

For the millions of patients who struggle with contact lenses – there is hope! SMILE, the latest innovation in laser vision correction provides LASIK-like outcomes and can immediately end the cycle of contact lenses and cure patients suffering from Contact Lens Intolerance.

If you have worn contacts for years and are just not sure about vision correction options, now is the time to learn more about SMILE and how you’ll be able to see clearly without your contacts in just thirty seconds or less after treatment.

Before you order another year’s worth of contact lenses, whether it’s from the eye care professional at the doctor’s office or an online retailer, you owe it to yourself to see if you are a candidate for SMILE by taking our self-test.

Find out if you’re a candidate for SMILE

Take our brief self-test and find out.

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David Lemieux, BA from Oakland University is a LASIK expert and marketing professional that has worked with Dr. Dan Haddad and the Laser Eye Institute since 2017. David believes in education and cutting through the noise to deliver facts and opinions about LASIK, SMILE, and all things Laser Vision Correction.