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Thanking Our Educators with Back to School Savings on LASIK & SMILE

Teachers tend to be underpaid and underappreciated for the work they do in shaping young minds. Teachers can particularly benefit from vision correction, whether it’s catching note-passing in the back of the class, or keeping your eyes sharp for grading a mountain of essays, when you’re in education, your eyes are a valuable asset.

Proud to support our Michigan Community for over 30 years

As our thank-you to those who help drive our city forward, we are honored to invite you to take advantage of one of our community programs: Michigan K-12 public and private school teachers, administrators, and faculty can receive up to $500 off LASIK & SMILE! Because community matters.

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Amanda helps patients improve their lives through the power of LASIK. A patient coordinator at Laser Eye Institute, Amanda assists patients through every step in their start-to-vision journey.