Dr. Haddad 1000th SMILE

Dr. Dan Haddad Performs 1,000th SMILE LASIK Procedure

Recently, Dr. Dan Haddad from the Laser Eye Institute of Troy performed his 1,000th SMILE LASIK procedure. SMILE LASIK is the latest generation of Laser Vision Correction (LASIK) and is the smarter choice for better vision. Dr Dan Haddad was the first in Michigan to perform SMILE back in March 2017 and to this day, he continues to lead and perfect the art and science of vision correction.

Dr. Dan Haddad’s response to this milestone moment:

“I love the SMILE procedure because it’s flapless and a very comfortable experience for my patients. There is less chance of dry eyes and patients can resume normal activities the very next day!”

– Dr. Dan Haddad of the Laser Eye Institute


SMILE is a bladeless, flapless, and hands down the most comfortable vision correction procedure that is available today. While similar to LASIK, SMILE is less invasive and has an even faster recovery time, meaning you can get back to your daily routine the very next day! The procedure is performed on the world’s most advanced laser system – ZEISS VisuMax

SMILE LASIK at the Laser Eye Institute

Globally, SMILE is quickly surpassing LASIK as the most popular type of laser vision correction.

The illustration below easily compares PRK & LASIK to SMILE:

*The blue line shows the areas of the eye impacted by each treatment type, illustrating why SMILE is so minimally invasive and offers faster recovery.

  • More suitable for patients with thick corneas
  • Requires removal and regrowth of epithelial cells
  • Healing period can be uncomfortable
  • 98%+ patients would do it again
  • Quick visual recovery
  • Wide range of treatment options
  • Requires creation of a flap on the cornea
  • May require use of multiple lasers
  • 98%+ of patients would do it again
  • Quick visual recovery
  • No flap required
  • Requires only one laser
  • Quick return to normal activities
  • 98% patients would do it again

Given the quick visual recovery, less invasiveness, and 98%+ success rates, one can quickly see why SMILE is becoming the now and future of laser vision correction.

Am I a candidate?

If you are nearsighted and/or have slight astigmatism, you are probably a candidate for SMILE. Your best bet is to schedule a complimentary SMILE LASIK consultation at the Laser Eye Institute, and Dr. Dan Haddad will determine if you are a great candidate or not.

Schedule your complimentary SMILE LASIK consultation today!

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