Teachers are chronically underpaid and underappreciated for the work they do in shaping young minds. Recently, we highlighted some of the professions that could benefit most from laser vision correction. Teachers can particularly benefit from vision correction, whether it’s catching note passing in the back of the class, or keeping your eyes sharp for grading a mountain of essays, when you’re in education, your eyes are a valuable asset.

We’re saying “thank you!” to the educators who taught us, and who continue to teach our children every day. We’ve  extended preferred pricing to those in the field of education. Schedule your consultation for Lasik today, and we’ll give you the quality care you deserve. The best part is, you won’t need to eat up your precious summer break to do it!

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Amanda helps patients improve their lives through the power of LASIK. A patient coordinator at Laser Eye Institute, Amanda assists patients through every step in their start-to-vision journey.