Don’t Clean Your Glasses Without Reading This First

Are You REALLY Cleaning Your Glasses Properly?

All eyeglasses will get scratches from normal use and environmental factors. Despite this, there are several ways to reduce the scratches and wear your glasses receive on a daily basis. The easiest way is to change the way you clean them. Here are a few tips to keep your lenses clean, clear, and scratch-free.


Never clean your glasses dry. This is the fastest way to buff dirt and debris into your lenses, causing irreparable damage. The good way to clean your glasses is to start with a little water, and a cloth. Pre-moistened single-use wipes are also a good way to perform basic glasses-cleaning maintenance.


A better way to clean your glasses is to up the ante with materials. Using a microfiber cloth is a major step toward protecting your lenses from scratches and scrapes, while keeping them shiny and clean. The microfiber cloths that often come with glasses, or in special kits, are great. But you can also find these cloths in much larger sizes at major retailers. If your lenses have AR or Anti-Reflective coating, make sure that the liquid you use to clean your glasses is approved for your lens coating to maintain its integrity. Again, specially-made cleaners are available through your optician or at major retailers.


Every now and then, your glasses need a good deep cleaning. The best cleaning. We recommend dish soap! For this method, start by running your glasses under warm water for a rinse. Then apply a small amount of lotion-free liquid dish soap to the glasses. A drop or two rubbed on the lenses and every part of the frame will get your glasses as clean as possible. Make sure to rinse your glasses thoroughly, and dry with a microfiber cloth.

Sometimes, your glasses won’t look quite as new even after following all these steps. If your nose pads crack or fall out, they may need to be replaced by an optician. You may need to tighten your hinge screws, every now and then too. Glasses aren’t meant to last forever, and while we can help you make them last as long as possible, every now and then they’ll be a little too scratched or a little too broken for the DIY route to help. When that happens, we’re here to help you with another eye exam and a new pair.

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