The 9 Worst Things About Wearing Glasses

We break down our top 9 reasons why people HATE wearing glasses and decide to ditch their glasses with LASIK.

1. Glasses are Expensive

If you’ve ever bought glasses, you know that the fashionable frames are only the first expense at the optician. There are several types of lenses to choose from, each more expensive than the last, and anti-reflective coating is another cost. Often, vision insurance doesn’t cover very much, and you end up paying hundreds of dollars a year, every year just to see. It just doesn’t seem right.

2. Buying glasses online is like gambling with your sight

Buying Glasses Online
The rise of online glasses services seems to be a way to escape some of the costs associated with glasses—but often you can’t try on the frames before you order.
Wait times and shipping costs make ordering online a drag, and the glasses you receive often don’t look like the glasses you ordered. Even worse, the quality of glasses ordered online is usually much worse than the more expensive pairs.

3. Cute sunglasses? No way

Forget about buying a cute, cheap pair of sunglasses at the department store. And forget about buying a stylish and fancy pair of sunglasses to fit your look. When you wear glasses, you’re stuck with dorky clip-on lenses or another pair of prescription glasses with tinted lenses.

4. Fogged lenses

The worst part about cooking with glasses on, or coming in from outside on a cold winter day.

5. Immersive 3-D movies and VR

Good luck fitting your glasses comfortably underneath a pair of 3D glasses at the movie theater. As a glasses-wearer, you have a choice—see the movie, or try to balance your glasses-on-glasses. There’s really no winning.

6. Breaking your frames

Broken Glasses
Depending on glasses for your eyesight works—until it doesn’t. Remember the part about glasses being expensive? It’s even worse when you break the frames. Emergency glasses are by default clunky and unfashionable, too.

7. Glasses that slide around when you exercise

A brisk run can send your frames sliding up and down your nose. Downward facing dog can leave your glasses on the yoga mat.

8. Sometimes they just hurt

When your glasses don’t fit right, they can cause headaches and pain. Sometimes glasses can cause pain on the bridge of your nose and behind your ears.

9. When you lose your glasses and you’re too blind to find them

This one is the absolute worst. Every morning you feel like you’re Velma from Scooby Doo. How on earth can your find your glasses when you can’t see?

Luckily, there’s an easy way to correct your vision without glasses. Laser vision correct can eliminate all these hassles and more. Imagine a world without fogged lenses. A world without glasses. Call or email us today to schedule your free consultation, and you could live in that world!

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