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Each year we improve the vision of thousands of patients in Metro-Detroit and beyond.

Our reputation for excellence spans the coasts, with patients traveling far and wide to entrust their eyes in our care.


We believe in giving each and every person our full attention, utilizing over thirty years of experience to custom-tailor a mode of vision correction that is specific to each individual’s occupation, lifestyle, and needs.

Never cutting corners, we believe in using the most advanced diagnostic and laser technology to ensure that each one of our patients receives the sharpest vision possible. All in our unparalleled LASIK suite: equipped specifically for vision correction and staffed by our experienced and welcoming team.

Dr. Daniel Haddad

Always at the forefront of research and technology, Dr. Haddad is recognized as a leader in vision correction. 

His vision for Laser Eye Institute is not only to improve the life and vision of each patient, but also an unwavering commitment to the advancement of laser technology and the LASIK procedure for all surgeons.

Notably Dr. Haddad has been featured on the cover of Ophthalmology Times and received a distinguished alumni award from Kresge Eye Institute. 

Daniel Haddad, M.D.

Medical Director, Laser Eye Institute


Adrian, Real LASIK patient

"Don't be afraid. Right now I'm happy, not having to wear glasses anymore. My "wow" moment was a few weeks after the procedure when I was able to see at night without any blurry vision or recognize someone from a long distance. Dr. Haddad is the man. It's not only his skills that make him impressive but his friendly team and human connection I experienced."

Treatments to correct all types of vision


Astigmatism occurs when the eye is irregularly shaped causing all vision to become blurry.


Hyperopia occurs when the eye is flat requiring glasses to see objects up close.


Myopia occurs when the eye is steeply curved requiring glasses to see objects in the distance.

Michigan's Only Center With Three Laser Systems

The worlds most advanced device for laser vision correction and the only FDA approved for SMILE treatments. Its low energy design results in fast, gentle, and predictable treatments.


Utilizing NASA Wavefront technology the Star laser is able to correct the most minute optical imperfections resulting in clearer vision than possible with glasses or contacts.


Star S4

The smallest beam size and blended wavefront treatment profile provide exceptional outcomes to patients with very high prescriptions, even those with astigmatism.


Explore Your Treatment Options

The most common type of laser vision correction, LASIK uses gentle laser pulses to reshape the eye and correct vision in just under one-minute.

Similar to LASIK, SMILE treatment happens just under the surface of the eye resulting in a more comfortable treatment with zero down-time.

PRK treatment is applied to the surface of the eye, this is an option for patients who may have been told they were not a candidate for LASIK.





Patients       Laser Eye Institute

"They fixed my eyes using SMILE. A new laser correction procedure. Super nice people. Dr. Haddad is awesome."

134 Google Reviews

4.8/5 Stars

November 2020

"The staff were terrific. The process and experience was great. Very happy with my improved vision."

45 Facebook Reviews

4.9/5 Stars

November 2020

"Dr. Haddad has provided expert, professional and compassionate care for me over the past year."

25 Yelp Reviews

5/5 Stars

November 2020

Stacey, Real SMILE patient

"I had the SMILE procedure, I would absolutely recommend it. It was so fast so painless, I walked out of here and could see things, I didn't expect to be up and seeing immediately. Dr. Haddad is just the nicest man, you never feel rushed with him and it feels he has a personal interest in every single person that comes here"

Your Life - Free of Barriers - Your Adventure

With SMILE LASIK from Laser Eye Institute you can see clearly and enjoy moments that matter, that thrill, without the hassle of glasses or contact lenses. Your life - free of barriers - your adventure.


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