Today we would like to share Jolene’s story, a Custom LASIK patient of Dr. Dan Haddad’s. We asked her a few questions about her experience at the Laser Eye Institute.

Jolene, a Custom LASIK patient here at Laser Eye Institute

“Fear” tends to be the largest obstacle to overcome when considering Laser Vision Correction. What was your biggest fear and how did you overcome it?

Fear definitely attempted to deter me from this procedure, but Dr. Haddad has successfully corrected the vision of about four people that I personally know. This made me confident in his work. Also, the idea of falling asleep, waking up and playing sports without the hassle of contacts helped me to overcome this fear.

Many patients have “ah-ha” moments following their Custom LASIK procedure. What was that moment for you?

Waking up the next morning with perfect vision was an impeccable feeling. However, my ah-ha moment came the next night. It was when I was watching TV in my bed and thought, “ugh I have to go take out my contacts.” And then I just smiled and realized that I’m free of that hassle.

Was there a specific moment that made you say “enough is enough” with glasses and/or contacts?

The specific moment that I felt, “enough is enough” came when I was swimming in the pool with my little cousins and my contact was splashed out of my eye. It ruined my day because I didn’t bring a backup pair with me to the pool, and I no longer was able to see out of my left eye. Talk about a headache!

There are many vision correction providers in Metro-Detroit, and many of them are devious with their bait and switch $250/eye selling techniques. What made you choose Dr. Haddad and The Laser Eye Institute of Troy for your Custom LASIK procedure?

Simple… this is my vision. My vision is worth more than $250.

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Did the team at Laser Eye Institute make you feel like they genuinely cared about you and your experience?

Yes! They’re awesome at Laser Eye Institute. Everyone is friendly, comforting and warm. They make you feel like they’ve all done this before, and their experience in this field bring confidence into that “fear.”

Thank you Jolene for sharing your thoughts about your experience with Dr. Haddad and the team at Laser Eye Institute.

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