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Daniel S. Haddad, MD

Daniel S. Haddad, MD

Dr. Haddad is considered a leader in the field of laser vision correction by both colleagues and patients. Some of his noteworthy contributions to the field of Ophthalmology include having developed Custom RK, his work on Laser Active Tracker, his lecture entitled Improving Results With CustomVue LASIK, and his election to president of the Michigan Kerato-Refractive Society.

In the early 1990's Dr. Haddad improved upon RK (Radial Keratotomy) with what he called Custom RK. Dr. Haddad successfully increased the predictability and safety of the procedure. After perfecting this procedure Dr. Haddad was asked to lecture and train other surgeons across the country. His procedure and recommendations were published in Ophthalmology Times.

Shortly after this accomplishment Dr. Haddad was elected as president of the Michigan Kerato-Refractive society for which he served from 1996-1997

In 2002 Dr. Haddad discovered a flaw within the Excimer laser's active eye tracking. This flaw involved decentration with the tracker. His paper documenting this was awarded best paper at ASCRS (American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery) and helped doctors avoid complications.

Dr Haddad Performing Lasik on a Patient in Detroit When CustomVue was being introduced in the US in 2003 Dr. Haddad realized this technology was light years ahead of what was currently available and quickly adopted it as his standard for Laser Vision Correction. The Laser Eye Institute was one of the first vision correction centers in the state to utilize the CustomVue, and then Iris Registration technology. Dr. Haddad now has more experience with the CustomVue technology than any other doctor in Michigan.

His experience with CustomVue LASIK prompted Dr. Haddad to develop his course Improving Results With CustomVue LASIK. His course is designed to assist fellow physicians in improving their LASIK technique to achieve similar results to Dr. Haddad. He is internationally known, presenting his course in Boston, MA (American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, 2010), Aspen, CO (Aspen Cornea Society, 2009), Paris, France (Paris Excimer Laser Forum, 2010).


Dr Haddad Lectures At Paris Excimer Laser ForumAbove all Dr. Haddad attributes his great success to his old fashioned doctoring skills. Dr. Haddad insists on seeing every patient during the initial consultation in order to get a better understanding of that patient's life style and occupational needs, perform a thorough examination and review all the test results with the patient. Dr. Haddad also oversees their entire post-operative care to ensure excellent visual outcomes.

His 25+ years of experience and thousands of surgical procedures combined with meticulous surgical technique and caring, comforting bedside manner ensures that his patients' fears are put at ease.

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